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Microsoft’s Only Move

Microsoft’s Big Tablet Gun[/caption]

Everyone’s in an uproar over Microsoft’s new Surface, as if the dashing hero just burst through the window as the evil king’s plans near fruition. All this talk makes it seem like Microsoft is finally bringing its big gun to take out the bad guy, when in actuality, they’re making the only move they can to stay in the fight.

Apple’s dominating the tablet market, because of their iron grip on their own system and their dedication to the tablet form. The iPad’s UI and ecosystem favors very heavily to those technically challenged people, and they make sure to keep any unstable elements out of their way. Microsoft’s dedication to the tablet is more than evident in the Metro interface of Windows 8, and now they complete the imitation with their own manufactured tablet.

Microsoft’s not going to make friends with their own tablet, but they’re out of options. Google’s reliance on third-party OEMs for their tablets isn’t doing anything, so they have to compete with Apple using their own techniques. At least the Surface has unique features like the pen and keyboard case, and they’ve got time before the next iteration of the iPad to get some market share.

Right now, nothing is known about the Metro UI’s acceptance or the Surface’s performance. Microsoft is playing to their strengths though, so the next year will be interesting.


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