Microsoft’s Reimagining

Being an Apple supporter is a tough gig. So much misguided hatred from the vast majority gets exasperating after a while, like that Gates/Jobs/Ballmer image that was floating around yesterday.

For those of you who believe in that image, I’d like you to look up the Tablet PC sales from 2002 to 2009, then look up iPad sales from 2009 until now. No, Apple didn’t invent the tablet, but it has made the best.

Execution is just as important as invention. Just ask Nicola Tesla, who died alone and broke despite the fact he basically invented the 20th century.

Microsoft knows the iPad is the one to beat. They’re bringing out their big guns, and it’ll be an interesting fight. This video is just for some giggles.


Should You Buy the MacBook Pro with Retina Display?


Apple brought out their next generation MacBook Pro, the first OS X system to go Retina. Between all the pro-Apple love and anti-Apple hate, it gets confusing as to whether or not you should actually purchase one, especially if you’re in the market for a new laptop. You could call this laptop a genius stroke of engineering or simply a pretty face, but ultimately, why should you buy this laptop?

Look at the graphic above. If you can decipher it, you should buy it. If you’re interested in doing high-level video editing/production or high-level photography, it’s a no brainer. Once all the professional apps are updated, and they will be, very little other systems will offer the real estate needed to see exactly what you’re outputting while having access to all the information needed to tweak it endlessly.

What if you’re a gamer? Apple showcased Diablo 3 in their announcement, so obviously, this laptop must be a gaming juggernaut, right? Normally, Macs are good, not great, with gaming. As long as you’re willing to either run Windows under Boot Camp or deal with your laptop’s screen, you can get decent gaming performance out of it. All reviews of the new MacBook Pro point to these same conclusions, so if you want to game, you’re better off waiting for the later Macs to be upgraded to Retina.

For everyone else, from programmers to writers, waiting would be the best thing. Regardless of this wonderful laptop, it is a first generation product, and from now on, they can only improve on it. I’m writing this post on an early-2011 MacBook Pro, and it’s still performing wonderfully for all my tasks. As a budding video editor, I’d love that Retina display, but I’ve got a good two years left out of this baby. In two years, all the Macs will not only be updated to Retina display, but their innards will be just as jaw-dropping as the visible screen.

Should you buy the MacBook Pro? If you’re a Pro, get it now. If not, patience will only help.

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Microsoft’s Only Move

Microsoft’s Big Tablet Gun[/caption]

Everyone’s in an uproar over Microsoft’s new Surface, as if the dashing hero just burst through the window as the evil king’s plans near fruition. All this talk makes it seem like Microsoft is finally bringing its big gun to take out the bad guy, when in actuality, they’re making the only move they can to stay in the fight.

Apple’s dominating the tablet market, because of their iron grip on their own system and their dedication to the tablet form. The iPad’s UI and ecosystem favors very heavily to those technically challenged people, and they make sure to keep any unstable elements out of their way. Microsoft’s dedication to the tablet is more than evident in the Metro interface of Windows 8, and now they complete the imitation with their own manufactured tablet.

Microsoft’s not going to make friends with their own tablet, but they’re out of options. Google’s reliance on third-party OEMs for their tablets isn’t doing anything, so they have to compete with Apple using their own techniques. At least the Surface has unique features like the pen and keyboard case, and they’ve got time before the next iteration of the iPad to get some market share.

Right now, nothing is known about the Metro UI’s acceptance or the Surface’s performance. Microsoft is playing to their strengths though, so the next year will be interesting.


Hello world!

So, I’ve decided to try to focus my mind, and give this whole social push a chance. I’ve tried scratching that social itch using Google+, but the fanboy-ism drips from the wall like one of brick made out of Elmer’s glue. Anywho, I’ll be writing my various musings here from here on out. Should be interesting.